Does Your Man Wear Tights?!

Does your man wear tights? It’s come to our attention that more and more men are choosing to wear our tights!

They’re being worn for whole host of purposes, from meeting a basic need like our boys in Afghanistan – wearing tights to protect their legs from desert flies, or wearing tights to make a bold statement, like our cross dressing shoppers, who get a lot of enjoyment from wearing stylish,

women’s tights!

Traditionally, men wearing tights has always been a taboo subject. The only time men in tights is acceptable, is at the pantomime or on our favourite superhero! With the sheer volume of male shoppers that we’ve seen visit the site, it’s unlikely that they’re all shopping for either of these purposes.

So what are your men buying tights for? We’d like to find out more! For 5% discount off your next purchase with Tightsplease, fill in our Men In Tights survey now! We’d love to hear your views!!

Lauren x

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  1. kieron lakin Jan 17, 2011 - 09:02 AM

    funny article, i really enjoyed reading it, although superman should wear his red gym knickers on the inside!!!!!!.
    i’m male and always felt more female so i’ve never had problems wearing tights. as im quite short anyway i prefer to wear tights for women as they fit better. i also like to wear thick opaques under my motorbike trousers and they feel alot more comfortable too. so for me its both practical and the fact i just love to stand out when im all girl :)

    keep up the good work ladies :)
    kieron (cass)

  2. Marc Jan 17, 2011 - 02:21 PM

    Me as a man I do wear women’s tights because
    - I love the look & feel of them on my body
    - I have a huge sexual fetish wearing them
    - I sometimes to cross-dressing
    - I sometimes weared them during ballet-lessons in the past

  3. steve Jan 17, 2011 - 09:05 PM

    because they feel nice mmm :)

  4. Darren Jan 18, 2011 - 07:03 AM

    Ive been wearing them long before the internet came about it just makes it so easy to buy without being seen and people are talking about it and the more people know the more it becomes the norm just takes time and the internet has kickstarted it it can only be a good thing people who make tights will be thanking us men for keeping sales up and women are wearing them now because they know there men like them to and all these amazing styles that have come on to the market tights are sexy again its a win win thing and long may continue.

  5. Andrew Jan 18, 2011 - 01:49 PM

    Hi Lauren,

    I am a man, living in Australia and I wear tights. In winter I am an arctic person, something that has never changed since I was an infant. My sister hardly ever wore them, my brother has never worn them but up to the age of 7 my mother had no hesitation putting a skivvy and a pair of tights on me. Four years later at 11, we are all getting ready to go out to dinner, something that was quite a rarity. My mother was ironing some woolen slacks for me to wear which I absolutely hated because they were as scratchy as and if it was warm enough, would leave rash marks on my legs. After she puts my underwear on me she pulls out from under the rest of my clothing (said horrible slacks and skivvy, or roll neck sweater as I think you call them – I know it is daggy, but that was the seventies) a pair of my sister’s pink ballet tights and puts them on me next. I had a heart attack when she initially pulled them out but knew it was no good fighting it – this was a happening thing. At the end of the night I must say I was quite impressed how practical I thought they were and have never forgotten that time. They were an excellent slack liner.

    Not much has changed though I am a lot older now. Yes, I still have my daggy skivvies only now I have to go to the ladies department to get them. The label may be different but their construction isn’t but who really cares? There are always ladies in the men’s section and I believe in equality.

    Of the last two years I have myself a german girlfriend and given my active lifestyle both at and away from work, plus a wole heap of coincidences that occured one day and yes, the subject of tights came up, she turns around and gives me two weeks grace by which she expected to see me in a pair. I told her fine and that I would have a surf on the net but not being satisfied with the lead time for the delivery, plus opening my mouth telling her about men’s tights which appeared in the news a year prior, the final response was,”there is no excuse for you! I think that two week grace period can be revised to tomorrow.” Down to the hosiery section of a Department store i go…..

    Back to your original question, I wear them for function and much less fashion. I pretty well wear them from Autumn right through until Spring. I wear them under cargo pants that are quite light – it is all about warmth without weight and they leave heaps of room for movement. They also feel nice to wear and do not take long to dry after they have been washed. It is also not a question of hiding them under my cargo pants – that is how I like to wear them at that time of the year. I have Long Johns, including the the polypropylene type but they don’t get nearly the same workout that tights get. For the most part, I am into opaques whether it is nlon/lycra, cotton blend or wool. The cotton blend or wool type are pretty well winter wear for me. Of the last six months something appears to have changed – perhaps my legs have done plenty of miles over the last twenty years. The problem is though, i need to get another twenty out of them at least. It is now summer and I have support pantyhose to wear, mostly Aries Goldwear Support 70′s which are a men’s style with 10mm Hg graduated compression at the ankle. It is a marathon to pull them up and I get sore knuckles on my thumbs for doing so. I must admit though, once I have pulled them up my legs do feel great. I either wear them and feel a whole lot better for it at the end of the day or don’t wear them and feel like crap. Coming into February, we expect temperatures in the very high 30 C and it is too hot for tights or pantyhose of any description so I guess I will just have to feel like crap (and bothered!). If I wear them with shorts, it is only around the house.

    I am one of those customers who have bought some tights from Tights Please – Levante Wool Rib Tights in Camel. I must admit that they showed a fair bit of stress in the gusset area even after the first wearing but interestingly enough they have not failed yet. I have a few more to go through after those ones so sorry, I am probably not being a good customer. Before scribbling this, I was having a look at the Levante wool weave tights plus the 150 denier Levante airskin tights. Out of curiosity, is there a size chart that goes with those? Unfortunately, one problem I have is that I always seem to be near the limit of X-Tall/X-Large but then again perhaps you have some lady customers with long legs that find themselves in the same category. Other than that my preference is for tights where the waistband actually goes up to your waist and not some low rise style. I detest hipsters – they are an annoyance and also their ability to stay up is not good.

    I share my custom around and give everyone a slice of my pie. I have a few men’s brands made from the same materials above including woolen sweater tights and they are pretty good too, though the same comments apply to them in regards to the waistband and my preference is generally for those of european manufacture, with a comfort panel if any rather than a fly, only because some designs don’t seem to work all that well in practice.

    I hope the above has been useful to you.



  6. Martin Jan 18, 2011 - 03:35 PM

    I always love wear tights – mainly Wolford and some from Levante Ultimate 80 that quite softy, Wolford still excellent soft as my favour are Fatal 50, De Luxe 50 and 66 – great with denim shorts but best with short skirt cos plenty of airflow through the body – Tightsplease still great service by selling range for women and men as unisex that really good one. :)

  7. Gerald Herron Jan 22, 2011 - 04:33 AM

    I commend your willingness to acknowledge the existence of a male market for legwear. I discovered hosiery years ago, when suggested I wear for warmth by my grandmother.

    I have tried many different brands and styles. I am familiar with denier, seams (flat vs automatic), boarding, and spandex content. I don’t get ‘hung up’ over the size issue (oh no, I am too thin to wear plus size).

    I get multiple wearings per pair by selecting the right size, buying quality hosiery, using gloves to put on hosiery, and hand washing and wrapping in a towel to aid drying.

    My reasons for wearing now are first for support (prefering at least 19 percent spandex) and second, warmth.

    Although the survey is funny and lively, I did not like the numerous references to cross dressing. I would also like the ability to give muliple answers (check all that apply).

    You may be able to tell what men want by reviewing incoming orders. Also, this survey (with more answer options) will be well received by male legwear users.

  8. Bryan Lara Jan 27, 2011 - 09:24 AM

    THANK YOU for posting this! :) I am male and I wear tights regularly. I am also very happily married to an understanding woman who accepts me for who I am: a normal person who loves the feeling of sensual textures. I’ve been wearing tights, leggings, etc., for over 25 years (I’m 39 now). I just love the way they feel on my legs. As well, they keep me warm when it’s cold (inside of outside). My hope is that someday the world will go back to accepting the fashion of men wearing tights. It’s really not outlandish or weird at all. It’s just clothing. :)

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