Treat Your Mini Diva’s …

It’s that time of year again when our little princes and princesses have a pleasant summer break and we have no option but to spend six weeks juggling between play dates, two week holidays abroad and the dreaded back to school shop! Anyone who’s tried telling a seven year old that they can’t have tea at their best friend Katy’s house, because you’re hauling them into town for school clothes, will understand why the back to school shop is left until the VERY last minute!

In addition to this panic, despite being universally acknowledged (but never actually discussed) we are in fierce competition with the mothers, that we so often ‘do lunch’ with, to make sure that our little princesses are the best dressed princesses in the playground! And bunches with pretty sparkly bobbles simply just won’t cut it anymore I’m afraid! We’ve morphed these angels into devilish diva’s who demand only the best most fashionable accessories! Tightsplease have some of the best back to school tights on offer at the moment, from plain opaques by Sarah Borghi to the cutest, most gorgeous bright and vibrant Country Kids soft and comfortable tights.

Give your little girlie’s something fabulous to get excited about for school this September, as well as avoiding the traditional back to school, high street trauma’s! Treat them today, visit Childrens Tights at tightsplease.

Lauren xxx

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