Tattoo Tights

A trend that can be difficult to wear if you don’t still want to see it for the rest of your life, Tattoos have received great press in recent monthsSaja_tattoo_tulle_tightsChannel rocked them on the SS10 Collection on the legs of the modals and they now have Temporary Tattoo parlour in the middle of Selfridges in London.

The temporary look is perfect for this season but can be still expensive and leave a smudgy mark on your skin for a week the hassle and the smudge and purchase some of these fantastic Tattoo Tights by Jonathan Aston!

These great Tattoo Tights are a skin coloured micro-net that have a great tattoo detail all over the leg. At a fantastic price of £12.00, they are cheap and cheerful and can be worn over and over again!

Update your rock chick look for this spring with this great design by Jonathan Aston!

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